Thursday, October 22, 2009

This is for my Materials and Techniques II class. Well, this is the first part, the second part is adding ageing varnish and crackling varnish. Then you take shoe polish to bring out the cracks, seal with sureguard, then paint on top and clean up the edges. I really liked how this painting came out and wanted to show you a sad panda~___~ lol.

Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm half way through the quarter already!! I have one thing to show~ I have bigger project this quarter, so when I finish my Children's book dummy (or 1st draft) I will scan some images for y'all to see.

Here is my second assignment for Electronic Illustration. This is my 1st Digital painting I have done completely and successfully. I turned it in yesterday, I hope I get a decent grade. I really enjoyed this coloring process and plan to use it some more.
This was the last assignment that I did for Watercolor for the Illustrator during the Summer Quarter. This piece was done was with watercolors. I plan on redoing this image, I want to see if I can do this better, but that will probably not be until Winter.

Now back to work~