Saturday, August 29, 2009

Watercolor for the Illustrator Assignment

Here is one of the assignments that I did for my five week class this summer - Watercolor for the Illustrator. The assignment was to make a foreground, middle ground, and background in the composition. The first time I turned it in the professor told me to add more color because there was too much of the under painting of gray that I used to make the under painting. So, I went back and redid it and I think it came out ok~ I wish to do another scene like this but better and not so rushed @o@~~~

I will put more up as soon as I can~ I think I have some good portfolio pieces but I just need to get them printed nicely since they are too big to fit in my portfolio I have now~

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Circus Character Design Project

The assignment was to design a set of 6 circus or side show freak characters that had to look stylistically the same. I decided to use Copic markers for this project because I really wanted to use them for a project and they are really fast for me to use because the professor assigned the assignment last Tuesday and expected them to be done that about fast turn around. Fortunately, the professor gave us an extension and the characters were due this Monday and had to be printed out. Here are my six characters:

The Snake Charmer

The Elephant Girl

The Sultan

The Ring Leader

The Mermaid

The Siamese Twins
I really enjoyed making these characters!! Our last project was we had to put them all in a 8"x 22" picture which was crazy. I liked how mine came out, but I still would like to work on it some more before I post it~

I need to go to sleep... Finals was INTENSE!! I was working on 6 projects all together >...> Three redos along with my final projects and two character design for someone animation project.... I was CRAZY!! But now I know what I can and cannot handle.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Poster Project

This was our third assignment for Intro to Illustration. The project was to design a poster for an event, so I chose the Carnival De Venecia (Carnival of Venice). I enjoyed doing a more simplified image than I normally do. First I masked the mask with masking fluid, then painted the background with black India ink and Alizrin Crimson watercolor. Then, I used Cerulean Blue watercolor with some Peacock Blue watercolor to make the mask. I also did the text myself! I swear that I wrote "Carnival De Venecia a million times only to realize that I was spelling it wrong :/ I put the text and image in Photoshop and put them together in a file. I think the text came out really well. I need to do more simple images >...> It was interesting that someone in class said this looked like a certain part of the body when you turn it upside down, which was ok with me because the Carnival when it first started was mostly attended by young men (married or not) and prostutes. I wonder what they did during the carnival..hmmmmm.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our assignment was to create an image for the cover of The New Yorker magazine. So, I decided to do a commentary on how the age for owning a cell phone and drinking coffee at Starbucks is getting younger and younger. This image was done in watercolor, india ink applied with a Sumi brush and a G-pen. I really enjoyed doing this piece and very excited about the next piece because it is in black and white!